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Sri Viswaroopa Lakshminrusimha Swamy Sannidhi

Kattavakkam, Kancheepuram Dist – 631 604 (Near Thenneri)


Sathyagyana sukaswaroopamamalam ksheerabthi madye stitham

Yogarooda mathiprasanna vathanam boosha sahasrojvalam

Tryaksham chakra pinaka sabayakaraan bibraana margachavim 

Chatreebootha paneendra minthu thavalam Lakshminrusimham Bhaje!


This temple was built on the divine command of Lord Sri Lakshminrusimha who came in Adiyen’s  dreams and directed me  to build a 16 feet tall SriViswaroopa Lakshminrusimha swamy temple near Kancheepuram.  The Sacred Installation of Sri Viswaroopa Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy Moola Vigraham  was done in 2007. With his divine guidance and blessings, the Satyagyana Vimana and Garbagraha constructions were completed successfully and the Samprokshnam was done in May 2011. 

The Lord is majestically sitting on AAthara Peetam, Koorma Peetam, Padma Peetam, Anantha Peetam and Yoga Peetam. As per the sloka, the Lord displays an extremely pleased and a broadly smiling face (‘athiprasanna vadhanam’)with a very condescendingly kind mood for responding to all our prayers, is seated in the Yogic posture with His consort ‘Lakshmi’ seated on His left lap who is embracing the Lord with Her right hand and holding a lotus flower on Her left hand. The Lord wields the ‘Sudarsana Chakra’ on His back right hand and the bow and arrow on His back left hand (as the fore-running indication of the fame He intends to acquire wielding these ‘Kodanda’ in the subsequent ‘Yuga’ in the Rama Avatara) while His both the forehands are in the usual ‘Abhaya Hastha’ and ‘Varada Hastha’ postures. Nrusimha also known as ‘Athirudra’, in this holy Form has three eyes, the third one on His forehead. 

The twelve Vajra Dhamshtras (teeth) on the Lord’s face represent the 27 stars in the 12 zodiacs. The Nava Grahas have become one with the Lord on his radiant face. The moon (Chandra) representing his left eye, the Sun (Surya) on his right eye and the Mars on his third eye. Venus (Sukran) on his nose, Jupiter (Guru) on his upper lips, Mercury (Buthan) on his lower lips, Kethu on his right ear and Rahu on his left ear and Saturn (Sani Bagavan) on his tongue makes this Simhapura Sthalam a very special parihara sthalam. 

The unique features of the Lord signifies the six incarnations of Maha Vishnu, his sacred weapons reminds us of four incarnations. Koorma Peetam signifies the Koorma Avatar. Vajra Dhamshtram signifies the Varaha Avatar, Vajra Nakam signifies Narasimha Avatar. The bow and arrow signify the Parasurama and Rama Avatar and the Chakra signifies the Krishna avatar. This Lord is holding the sacred weapons (Vajranakam, Vajradhamshtram, chakram and Bow and Arrow) which were used to destroy the demons during his three incarnations and gave Sapa vimochanam to Jaya and Vijaya. 

The Lord also has special features of Nava Nrusimhas in the Ahobhila Divya Kshetram in his Divya Mangala Vigraham. The chakra in his hand signifies the Chatravata Narasimhar, Vajra Dhamshtram signifies the Kroda Narasimhar, Vajra Naka signifies the Jwala Narasimhar, Ahobila

Narasimhar and Bhargava Narasimhar, the athiprasanna vadhanam of Malola Narasimhar can be seen in Sri Viswaroopa Lakshminrusimhar’s divine face. The lord is holding Bow and arrow on his hands just like Karancha Narasimhar. The Lord seated in the Yogic posture signifies the Yogananda

Narasimhar. Sri Viswaroopa Lakshminrusimha Swamy’s beautiful eyes which responds to all our prayers signifies the divine eyes of Pavana Narasimhar. 

A small request to all the devotees. Please do not take any pictures of the Idols in the Sanctum.  

Dasan, Sri (Krupa) Parthasarathy

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